Class 90

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DBS provided Class 90 traction until 2015 for the Caledonian Sleeper which operates between Edinburgh/Glasgow Central and London Euston, and also freight services on the WCML.

Lowland Sleeper Photo by paa

Two Class 90s operate the Glasgow Sleeper, one north and one south. The Glasgow to Euston Sleeper has vehicles added at Carstairs, from Edinburgh. The Northbound detaches the Edinburgh coaches at Carstairs also.

One Class 90 operates the ECS from Polmadie to Edinburgh, then hauls the Edinburgh portion to Carstairs to join the Glasgow portion, as mentioned above. The loco waits at Carstairs to take the Edinburgh portion off the Glasgow Sleeper, going north. After arrival back at Edinburgh, the 90 works the beds back to Polmadie.

The other 2 Class 90 locos operate the Inverness/Aberdeen/Fort William Sleeper between Euston and Edinburgh. One Northbound and one Southbound. During the day one of the 90s can usually be found stabled in the old motorail bay at Edinburgh.

Up until the end of Schenker's sleeper contract, a dedicated fleet of 5 Class 90 locomotives were used on the Sleeper and three Class 90s have been painted into Barbie livery.

Their role on sleepers have mainly been taken by the Class 92s, however, this can be 50/50 split nowadays and Freightliner owned 90s on hire to GBRF can still be seen appearing on duties, including ECS.

Last update: 05th December 2020
NumberLiveryPoolNameStatusDate StoppedReason
90017EWS Red and GoldWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD October 2006Electrical Power and control equipment
90018DB RedWEDCPride of BellshillOperational
90019DB RedWEDCMultimodalOperational
90020Grand Central TrainsWEDC Operational
90021First ScotrailWQAA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMDJanuary 2016 Bogie Change Required & Painting & Collision Repairs. Under repairs for return to service
90022Two Tone Grey with EWS bodyside stickerWQBAFreightconnectionTactical Stored at Crewe IEMD September 2006CXAM
90023EWS Red and GoldWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD July 2005Wear & Tear
90024Malcolm LiveryWEAC Operational
90025Railfreight DistributionWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD April 2004Wheelsets
90026Grand Central TrainsWEDC Operational
90027Railfreight DistributionWQBAAllerton T&RS Depot Quality Approved Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD August 2007Wear & Tear
90028DB RedWEDCSir William McAlpine Operational
90029Grand Central TrainsWEDCOperational
90030EWS Red and GoldWQBACrewe Locomotive WorksTactical Stored at Crewe IEMD January 2006Wear & Tear. Under assessment for return to service. Once 024 returned
90031EWS Red and GoldWQBAThe Railway Children Partnership Working For Street Children WorldwideTactical Stored at Crewe IEMD December 2007Wear & Tear
90032EWS Red and GoldWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD February 2004Wheelsets
90033Railfreight DistributionWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMD - been stripped for spares, and to be scrapped April 2005N/DEC
90034DRS Blue with DB StickersWEDC Operational
90035DB RedWEAC Operational
90036DB RedWEDCDriver Jack Mills Operational
90037Db Red (Glider)WEDCChristineOperational
90038Freightliner DistributionWQBA Tactical Stored at Crewe IEMDJuly 2005N/DEC
90039DB Black with ‘I am backbone of the economy’ logoWEDC Operational
90040DB RedWEAC Operational


Class 90s operate some Freightliner services between Coatbridge and Crewe.

Last update: 07th June 2021
90003Great Anglia unbrandedDFLC Operational
90004Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCCity of Chelmsford Operational
90005Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCVice-Admiral Lord NelsonOperational
90006Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCModern Railways Magazine/Roger Ford Operational
90007Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCSir John Betjeman Operational
90008Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCThe East Anglian Operational
90009Great Anglia unbrandedDFLC Operational
90010Great Anglia DFLC Operational
90011Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCEast Anglian Daily Times Suffolk and Pride Operational
90012Great Anglia unbrandedDFLCRoyal Anglian RegimentOperational
90013Great Anglia unbrandedDFLC Operational
90014GW FreightlinerDFLCOver the Rainbow Operational
90015GW FreightlinerDFLCColchester Castle Operational
90016Freightliner Racing Green and YellowDFLC Operational
90041Freightliner Racing Green and YellowDFLC Operational
90042Freightliner Powerhaul LiveryDFLC Operational
90043Freightliner Powerhaul LiveryDFLCFreightliner Coatbridge Operational
90044GW Freightliner DFLC Operational
90045Freightliner Powerhaul LiveryDFLC Operational
90046Freightliner Racing Green and YellowDFLC Operational
90047GW FreightlinerDFLC Operational
90048GW FreightlinerDFLC Operational
90049Freightliner Powerhaul LiveryDFLC Operational
90050Freightliner Grey with RFD BrandingDHLT Tactical Stored at Crewe Basford Hall - To be scrapped December 2006Severe Fire Damage

Locomotive Services Crewe

Class 90

Last update: 25th September 2020
90001Intercity SwallowLSLO Royal ScotOperational
90002Intercity SwallowLSLOWolf of Badenoch Operational

90045 & 90046 » 90045 & 90046 stabled in Waverley on 17/08/2018 Photo by PIERSHILL2001